Outlook: Find the perfect Meeting Room

Find a meeting room with your calendar.

Today we will see how easy it is to book a meeting room with Outlook. #UX #ChangeManagement

So many users go crazy to find a meeting room available according to the number of participants, the schedule, the location, etc…

I’ll show you how to fix this situation 😉


Before that, the IT team must properly manage the resources. I mean, define resource attributes correctly and create resource groups too. Please refer to this article (will be published soon).


When the resource structure is fully implemented in Exchange. It is much easier for users to find a conference room. That’s what we’ll see step by step:

1- Create a meeting in Outlook


2- Add members, subject and schedule details

3- Let’s choose the location

This part will use the security groups created, I use to manage resources by location, cities, buildings or floors, which will depend on the structure of the customer or project.

4- Now, Outlook will now automatically suggest meeting rooms based on the schedule and the number of participants

5- Bonus

How to look, if I need to use a specific meeting room, such as Meeting room 1?

Easy! Just Click on the Scheduling Assistant and you will be able to schedule this very quickly!

I hope this short article will help you!

if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment 😉

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