Office 365: Mail Protection Reports



Today we will explore a nice way to get a Mail Protection Report.


Currently, Office 365 offers a lot of information and reports, covering all Office 365 solutions (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, etc…).

You are able to find this information in your Office 365 Admin Dashboard > Reports icon icon-Reports-small > Usage > Select your service


Furthermore, Microsoft provides a nice tool, an Excel plugin, to generate an Exchange Online reporting:

Microsoft Office 365 Excel Plugin for Exchange Online Reporting


A report example




[This reporting workbook provides you with a detailed view into the email protection data that is available in the Office 365 Reporting dashboard. […] The workbook provides summary graphs for a number of different types of email message filtering. This includes messages identified as spam, malware, or good mail (mail that cleanly passed all filtering). It also shows graphs for messages that were identified by either a transport rule or DLP policy (Exchange Online customers only). The data for the summary graphs is pulled locally via a web service call.

After loading the summary data into the workbook, you can perform deeper analysis through the use of data slicers.

These allow you to change the view of the data in order to identify trends or unusual activity.  […] ]


Supported Operating System

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008

Required Software:

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2013
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (for Exchange Online Protection customers only)
  • An Office 365 subscription that contains Exchange Online or Exchange Online Protection
  • Email address you use to sign in to Office 365



You just need to install the .MIS provides by Microsoft and open the shortcut create on your Desktop.


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